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A well warranted history lesson.

In 1989 my family moved to Mitchell. I did most of my schooling here, attending St Patrick's in primary and the State School in secondary. I've been involved in netball, football, the pony club. I've worked here, had my 21st here and was even married in Mitchell. After brief periods of living in Roma, Toowoomba and Emerald I decided to come back here to raise my children. And I do love this town!!! But this isn't about my life story, it's about the fact that I have a 30 year connection with this town and I know absolutely nothing about it's history. Surely I am not the only local with limited local knowledge??? I certainly want to change that. I may be feeling a little nostalgic however I really think it's important to appreciate how things came to be in the place that we live, or are presently visiting!!

You can visit the Booringa Action Group website and check out a brief history of Mitchell.


AND you can check-in in the coming weeks for a read about the pioneer families and businesses of this town and the big events that have shaped this community. If you are a descendant of one of those legends please feel free to email BAG with any of your newsworthy notes at booringaactiongroup@gmail.com

Fire and Water Festival

Momentum is gaining for Mitchell's Fire and Water Festival which is being held on 20-21 September 2019. As mentioned last week, this festival will give us an opportunity to celebrate Mitchell's unique history and our connection to this land. This week I want to mention the musical prowess of boi & eSKae who will be joining us for our festival . These guys are soulful live performers hailing from the Sunshine Coast. This dynamic duo write, perform and record their own distinct style of accoustic music. When performing on stage, something magical occurs and they become truly spellbinding. Intrigued....want to hear more. Visit them!!! https://www.facebook.com/boiandeskae/


'Cinderella Spinderella - Don't talk to Strangers!' Wednesday 31st July at the Mitchell Shire Hall @ 9.30 am sharp.

This 50 minute show aims to be interactive, educational and FUN! It will address stranger danger, including the internet and is aimed at preschool and all primary school levels.

Until next week!!!!

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