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Goodbye July. Hello August!

Month number 8.. this year is certainly flying by. Lot's of things happening in August. We will see the close of the football and netball season shortly, there will be a lot of happy parents who may be able to reclaim their Saturday mornings! Hump Day Roast Nights will continue at the Spa every Wednesday. Give them a call to secure your spot as there is always a good turn out and we'd hate for you to miss out!!!

Now on a more serious note. R U OK?

Suicide....it is hard to find anyone who has not been touched by the loss and heartbreak of suicide. Even though it is so prevalent there are still so many people who are suffering in silence. And yet we ask ourselves, what can we do to help? We all have a role to play in reducing stigma around mental ill-health and suicide. According to Life in Mind Australia (www.lifeinmindaustralia.com.au) many individuals rely on having a sense of community to feel safe, supported and understood. I agree 100%, this is exactly what most people love about living in a small town. Community members and groups play a huge role in understanding the behaviours of local people and how to enact support when it’s needed. If you're not sure where to start or how to talk about mental health and suicide prevention, with each other and with the community, we recommend taking advantage of the FREE SafeTalk workshop that is happening in Mitchell on Sept 10. Details below...

Another thing to take advantage of this Saturday 10th August is the CHINESE BUFFET DINNER at the Mitchell Golf Club. Salivating as I type this...steamed and fried rice, singapore noodles, mongolian lamb, sweet & sour pork, honey chicken, beef n black bean....ahhh the list goes on....there is even deep fried ice cream with caramel and banana for dessert...... For bookings please call or message Sue on 0439 303 666.

Did you know that we have SOCIAL NETBALL in Mitchell on Wednesday nights at 6pm. If you're looking for something to do, or just to spectate, head over the Mitchell Sports Complex.

That's it for our first week in August. Take care!!!!

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