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Welcome to our new BLOG!

This new feature has been added to our web page to

  • Promote Mitchell and the former Booringa community.

  • Inform locals and visitors on the Who, What, When, Where & How this great little community keeps ticking along.

  • Feature and promote local businesses and organisations.

  • Flag upcoming events.

  • Celebrate successful events.

To make this a truly useful and informative community tool Booringa Action Group (BAG) really needs the assistance of everyone in our area. This blog will be updated weekly by BAG so we look forward to everyone getting busy and getting their information to us.

You can do this via


While we wait for the news to flood in we thought we might take the opportunity to briefly tell you the story for Booringa Action Group and it's passion for our community.

BAG was

· Formed in 1991 in response to Government cutbacks to country services

· Incorporated 1992

· Initially formed as an advocacy group for Booringa Shire

· Re-focused in 2008/9 to become a community vehicle for economic enhancement & community well being

BAG is

· A passionate community-based organisation that is involved in the future development of Mitchell and its surroundings

· Working to bring the community together to help benefit our town through pure love and passion

· Working to enhance the already strong sense of community within Mitchell and the surrounding area

You will find a list of BAG’s achievements and future goals under the ‘Booringa Action Group’ tab on this website.

BAG meetings are organised every month to keep you updated and have conversations around community interests and concerns. BAG would love to see greater community involvement and welcomes all to take part.

Our future blogs will be all about the What, When, Where and How and will be uploaded each Tuesday so keep the news coming!

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