Booringa Action Group is a passionate community based organisation that is involved in the future development of Mitchell Queensland and its surroundings. Mitchell Queensland has a real sense of community and 'Booringa Action Group' brings the community together to help benefit our town through pure love and passion. ​BAG meetings are organised every month to keep you updated and have conversations around community interests and concerns, please feel free to contact us if you wish to be part of it, we can't wait to welcome you in our community life. 




+ Responsible for the establishment of the QGAP Office after the         earlier closure of the Mitchell Queensland Courthouse

+ Hosted Future Search Workshops

+ Brought Motivational Speakers to Mitchell to assist local businesses

+ Conducted numerous Aussie Host Training programs

+ Instrumental in maintaining a sawmilling industry in Mitchell

+ Instrumental, together with the Maranoa Retirement Village                 Auxilliary in ensuring the continuation of an Aged Care Facility in       Mitchell

+ Combines with the Rotary Club of Mitchell to stage the annual             Xmas in the Park

+ Organises and runs the annual Late Night Shopping program

+ Published the Bottle Tree Bulletin since 2010

+ Set up and ran the Flood Appeal in 2012

+ Arranged and hosted the Councillor Forum for intending                     Councillors in 2016

+ Negotiated with Maranoa Regional Council the right to restore,           upgrade and maintain the River Walks

+ Hosts the community Facebook Page and Mitchell Instagram.

+ Planned and conducted the inaugural New Years Eve Family Night       in 2016 and 2017

+ Lobbied Government for the retention of a Queensland Rail work         force in Mitchell

+ Secured, with the help of the Maranoa Regional Council, the dis-         used Pensioners Cottages for use as an Arts and Crafts Hub in 2017

+ Established and operates (with the support of the Sports Club) a         regular Courtesy Bus Service to ferry Tourist to and from the               Mitchell Business area

+ Achieved RV Friendly Accreditation for the town of Mitchell with the assistance and support of Maranoa Regional Council

+ Continues to product the BAG Calendar to promote local businesses

+ Successfully organised, fundraised and developed the Johnny Murray Memorial in conjuction with RESQ+

+ Successful in securing a grant through FRRR for the Visitor Information Centre furniture upgrade in July 2019

+ Re-established the Booringa Fire & Water Festival in Mitchell on the 20th-21st September 2019

Annual report






+ Continuing to publish the Bottle Tree Bulletin

+ Christmas in the Park December 2018 (with Rotary)

+ Late Night Shopping 2018

+ New Years Family Night / Pro Rodeo 2018 (with the Sports Club)

+ Continued development of the River Walks with Rotary, RESQ and     other interested groups

+ Continued operation and enhancement of the Great Artesian Spa

+ Gaining accreditation for the visitor information centre at the Great Artesian Spa

+ Investigation and development of the Booringa Community Farm in conjunction with RESQ+ and with the support of Nalingu Aboriginal Corporation, Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation and Maranoa Regional Council

+ Re-establish the Fire and Water Festival in conjunction with RESQ+, Nalingu Aboriginal Corporation, Gunggari Native Title Aboriginal Corporation

+ Complete the Mitchell Visitor Information Centre upgrade within the Great Artesian Spa Complex






+ Developed GAS as a centre for Wellbeing

+ Developed the GAS as a place of employment and training for             young people.

+ Establishing an accredited Visitor Information Centre

+ Establishing a regular program of events for the Aged Community       (supported by the Courtesy Bus)

+ Establishing a regular program of varied events to enhance general       community enjoyment of the facility

+ Enlarging the range of visiting specialist services and programs at         the GAS

+ Working co-operatively with other local and regional tourist                 facilities for mutual benefit

+ Actively promoting the GAS and local tourist industry

+ Pursuing excellence in safety, presentation and service