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View an artistic representation of the capture of the Kenniff Brothers. A monument commemorates members of the police force who fought the bushrangers throughout Australia. The memorial is at the site of the Kenniff Brothers arrest.The Statues represent the capture of Patrick Kenniff, lying on the ground with two police constables standing guard over him. The image facing to the south is that of the Aboriginal Tracker. The statue on the hill Paddy's Knob depicts how Jimmy got away and was enventually surrounded by his captors and forced to surrender. The Kenniff Brothers are said to be Australia's last bushrangers. In 1902 Police Constable George Doyle and Station Manager Albert Dahlke were hunting the brothers Patrick and James Kenniff over the theft of a pony. They came upon the brothers at Lethbridge's Pocket in Queensland's Carnarvon region and were murdered. A reward was offered for the Kenniffs' capture and they were caught after three months on the run at Arrest Creek near Mitchell Queensland. Patrick was hanged at Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol in January 1903. His brother served 12 years in prison. Arrest Creek Monuments
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